Forest Governance Integrity Report Indonesia


Executive Summary

Corruption – the abuse of entrusted power for private gain – undermines good governance and the rule of law. Corruption in the forestry sector further degrades the environment, threatens rural communities and robs the public of billions of dollars each year. Transparency International (TI) is committed to promote corruption-free forest governance that enables sustainable forest management, increased economic development, poverty reduction and environmental protection. To help achieve this objective, TI Indonesia (TII), through the Forest Governance Integrity Programme (FGI), will monitor the existing corruption risks and anti-corruption tools in the forestry sector in Riau, Aceh and Papua, Indonesia.

The methodology of the research is based on the FGI Risk Manual which provides a generic framework for assessing the impact and likelihood of corruption in the commodity chains related to the forestry sector and the anti-corruption tools that are available, in order to establish the high-risk corruption areas for focused advocacy. Using this analysis, several high risk areas for each province are proposed in Riau, Aceh and Papua.

Full Report : Forest Governance Integrity Report Indonesia


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